Houseplant Course "Plant Whisperer"

#1 Houseplant Buying 101

You'll Learn:

  • Check Your Space: Learn to match plants with your home.
  • Easy Plants: Find simple plants to start with.
  • Choose Right: How to spot a healthy plant when buying.
Lesson 1

#2 Indoor Plant Lighting 101

You'll Learn:

  • Why Plants Need Light: Basics of photosynthesis.
  • Finding the Right Light: Matching plants with light.
  • Happy Plant Signs: Spotting light issues and fixes.
Lesson 2

#3 Indoor Plant Watering 101

You'll Learn:

  • Why Water Matters: Basics of plant hydration.
  • When to Water: Setting up a simple watering plan.
  • Right Watering Signs: Spotting when your plant needs water.
Lesson 3

#4 Humidity & Temperature 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Right Temp for Plants: Find the right temperature they love.
  • Why Humidity Helps: It's all about the moisture.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Easy fixes for common issues.
Lesson 4

#5 Potting Soil 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Soil 101: Importance of the right potting mix for indoor plants.
  • Oxygen & Water: Balancing drainage and moisture for root health.
  • pH & Nutrients: Matching soil to your plant's specific needs.
Lesson 5

#6 Houseplant Repotting 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Why Repot?: Learn why your houseplants need a new home.
  • When to Repot: Spotting the signs that plants need more space.
  • How to Do It: Step-by-step repotting process (plus tools list).
Lesson 6

#7 Houseplant Fertilizing 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Nutrient Needs: Understanding why plants need extra nutrition.
  • Right Fertilizer: How to pick and use the best one.
  • Common Errors: Avoiding overfertilizing and other issues.
Lesson 7

#8 Indoor Plant Pests 101

You'll learn:

  • Early Detection: Tips on spotting pests before they become a big problem.
  • Effective Treatments: Choosing and applying the right treatments for your plants.
  • Preventing Future Infestations: Strategies to keep pests at bay.
Lesson 8

#9 Grow Lights 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Need: Why indoor plants might need extra light to grow well.
  • Light Type: What color and spectrum is the best.
  • Choice: How to choose the right grow lamp.
Lesson 9

#10 Common Problems & Solutions

What You'll Learn:

  • Common Problems: Top 5 pitfalls plant owners face
  • Problem Signs: How our plants send SOS signals
  • Solutions: Best way to fix the problems
Lesson 10